The Seness is now available for discounts up to 90% through the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. Get in touch to determine if your community qualifies for this amazing program.

Learn about NucleusCare for Senior Living Facilities & Providers

Seness by NucleusCare is both the simplest and most comprehensive video communication technology for patients/residents and care providers in congregate care facilities as well as those aging at home.

NucleusCare aims to increase client’s quality of life and satisfaction by providing a simple calming interface for telehealth communication with caregivers and loved ones.

The Seness by NucleusCare system provides essential communication and support systems in congregate care facilities, and to those aging at home.

The NucleusCare Seness tablet system will improve your efficiency by helping you increase the number of drop-ins and check-ins performed in a given period of time. Additionally, use our platform to solicit 5 star reviews from your community. Ensure satisfaction from and encourage your facilities’ residents and caregivers to give your facility an advantage when getting ratings from government ratings agencies. 

The Seness tablet is optimized to function with low-dexterity patients and residents, allowing seamless communication for even the most impaired. Advanced biometrics and alerting give your care team the peace of mind that they are virtually in the room with every resident/patient. Increase your revenue and enhance your service offering by providing the NucleusCare Seness Suite as an add-on service, giving clients an easy way to contact you and families an easy way to stay in touch with their loved ones.


Simple Communication Platform:

Simple one-touch video and audio calling even for
low-dexterity patients

Real Time Alerts:

Our real-time alert system ensures zero downtime from the device with connectivity monitoring and staff’s response time tracking for user requests.

Biometric Monitoring:

Monitor clients key health metrics with connected medical devices.

Senior-Optimized Simple Interface & Features:

We have made special changes to our interface to address the unique needs of elderly clients. Our tablet works with low dexterity users and has features for the hearing-impaired.

Infinitely Customizable:

Supports multilingual deployments and custom language and roles throughout the app.


Supports multilingual deployments and custom language and roles throughout the app.

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