our product:

The easiest to use and most powerful tablet for Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Care facilities,
hospitals, and senior congregate care facilities.

Video at the Touch of a Button:

The NucleusCare Seness Device is extremely simple to use. To request a call, a client simply has to push one button with a family members’ photo to start a call with them.

Collect Biometric Data Remotely:

Monitor patients and clients key health metrics.

Drop in Without Being Intrusive:

Seness can be used to increase efficiency by enabling virtual drop-ins on users, while allowing them to maintain the independence they value.

Improve Efficiency:

Our product will help improve efficiency by helping facilities triage the needs of patients and residents under their care more efficiently..

Measure and Improve Satisfaction:

Additionally, use our platform to solicit 5 star reviews from your community. Ensure satisfaction from and encourage your facilities’ residents and caregivers to give your facility an advantage when getting ratings from government ratings agencies.

Enhanced Family Contact:

Providing family members with an easy way to stay in touch with their loved ones allows facilities to take stress off their support and care staff and to instead allow for their focus on providing care.

Increased Quality of Life:

Photo albums and event bulletin boards allow patients/residents to be more engaged with their families and in-patient communities. Family/caregiver apps allow direct and easy communication to remove feelings of isolation when physical presence is not possible.

Mobile Care via Caregiver App:

Caretakers who utilize our Caregiver App can stay connected with patients and residents, even on the go. All essential functionality of the NucleusCare web application is available through an easy to use iOS and Android mobile app including patient management, notifications and communication through Seness devices.

Save On 1-1 Patient Sitting:

By utilizing virtual 1-1 telehealth patient sitting, hospitals ensure that patients are monitored to avoid falls and wandering without having to maintain physical staff presence in- person all the time.

Improved Quality of Care:

Event and medication reminders allow for patients/residents to see an increase in care quality. Emergency occurrences are reduced by having a better view into patient/resident’s status and reducing the instances of false alarms.

Supplement Care with Virtual Support:

Daily living that does not necessarily require an in person visit such as wake up calls, medication reminders and biometric monitoring can be done virtually through the Seness device to allow care staff access to patients even when not able to be physically present.

Virtual Classes and Experiences:

The Seness device will soon offer virtual small-group live sessions with a variety of tailored programming offered by trained instructors. Depending on your facilities location, these sessions may be reimbursable by Medicare/Medicaid.

For Hospitals

Already in-use by major hospitals and vetted for compliance, NucleusCare’s Seness tablet is the preferred simple-yet-powerful solution for inpatient telehealth, remote monitoring solutions and instant family communication.

For Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Care

Seness is optimized with calming and simplified features uniquely tailored to the needs of inpatient Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Care facilities and home care solutions.

For Senior Living Providers and Facilities

Seness by NucleusCare is both the simplest and most comprehensive video communication technology for patients/residents and care providers in congregate care facilities as well as those aging at home.

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