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Already in use by major hospitals and vetted for compliance, NucleusCare’s Seness tablet is the preferred simple-yet-powerful solution for inpatient telehealth and remote monitoring solutions.

The NucleusCare system allows your care team to stay connected and updated in real-time with the well-being of your patients.

Implementation of Seness by NucleusCare can result in potential savings by offering hospitals the ability to offer virtual 1-1 patient sitting when needed, specifically for patients who are fall risks.

Staff can triage the needs of the patients under their care more effectively through remote video monitoring on the patients who are most in need. Patients can also reach out directly to your care team through their Seness device.

Whether it is gathering a response from a survey or starting a direct video call, the online staff portal allows your patients the ability to instantly connect.


Remote Patient Monitoring:

Simple one-touch video and audio calling even for
patients with limted dexterity and mental acumen.

Strict Compliance:

Our solution is already in established hospitals and abides
by HIPAA and common compliance hurdles.

Infinitely Customizable:

Our solution has countless customization options to ensure that it fits into your hospitals’ unique technology and health programs.


Supports multilingual deployments and custom language and roles throughout the app.

Family Engagement:

Increased visitation and stimulation from family members is proven to result in better patient outcomes. Family members can easily contact their loved ones through the same platform that is already at the patient’s bedside.

Save On 1-1 Patient Sitting:

By utilizing virtual 1-1 telehealth patient sitting, hospitals ensure that patients are monitored to avoid falls and wandering without having to maintain physical staff presence in-person all the time.

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